The 70s List – Choose Your Own Adventure

The time is upon us to finalise the 52 albums from the 70s that we will be listening to in 2013.

Just to remind you how we chose the albums on the short list:

How do you decide what albums make the cut?
The most important thing we consider is to make sure the lists incorporate a span of different genres. We also want to include as many artists as we can, so that means that each band/artist can only have one album per decade. It’s important to note that the albums are not just based on chart success, but more so on the indelible mark they left on the development of contemporary music, and the people making it.

We then use numerous websites to compile the list:
Wikipedia – for album release dates, chart ratings etc.
The Rolling Stone Greatest 500 Albums of all Time – a pretty extensive list that was industry and peer voted.
Best Ever Albums – collates best of lists from different media.
Acclaimed Music – similar to best ever albums, but more extensive.
Rate Your Music – a website for the music geek.

The following books are also referenced:
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, Edited by Robert Dimery.
100 Albums That Changed Music: And 500 Songs You Need to Hear, Edited by Sean Egan.
100 Albums Than Changed Popular Music, written by Chris Smith.

How on earth could you not include <- insert your favourite band here->?
In order to make the list, the album has to rate on all of the above websites consistently. If it shows up in a high place on more than two sites, it makes the preliminary list. Once a preliminary list is made, it is whittled down to 52 based on how prevalent that artist or album was in the musical history of that decade. We’d also like to make it clear that we don’t choose the list based on the artists or albums we like. If they are considered influential they have got a chance at being on the list.

And now you get to have your say! Following the above procedures, we’ve whittled down a list of around 100 albums to 62 albums. We need your help to cull it down to the 52 albums. In order to collect the responses efficiently, we’ve created a poll that’s quick and easy to use. You can also leave comments here on this blog post. You have until December 20th to have your say!

Click here to go to the list and have your say.